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Why Does The Lead Managing System Exist?

Lead Managing is a prospect tracking system to help you track the quality and quantity of your business from search to converted prospect.
We are committed to helping organizations optimize lead conversion by:

  1. Measuring and monitoring the quantity, quality and costs.
  2. Providing you accurate real-time metrics on your staff, advertising and site performance.

What Do We Do?

  1. Measure the performance of your advertising.
  2. Measure the performance of your staff.
  3. Identify where your leads are coming from.
  4. Make data accessible and visible to those who need it.
  5. View the results visually in very easy to understand format.
  6. View your advertising and prospect activities in real time on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Our Credibility:

  1. We track leads from over 100 different media sources.
  2. We track hundreds of thousands of leads annually.
  3. We serve some of the largest property management companies in Canada.
  4. We are independent of media and provide unbiased results and services.